My name is Paul, I am sort of retired, I live with my Wife and our beautiful Lancashire heeler Tilly, I mentioned that I was sort of retired, well to make things clearer I am in my early sixties and have been diagnosed with Lymphoedema in both my legs in the 90s.

I have always been on the large side but as my lymphoedema got worse so to did my weight, the lymphoedema and weight gain bought with it anxiety, and phobia about leaving the house etc… making so many issues to overcome, but that’s what I aim to do, and throughout this blog you will hopefully see a positive progression, though I’m sure, no I know there will be ups and downs, setbacks as well as gains, but hopefully at the end, there will be a positive me! Also if reading of my journey can help you or a friend or loved one then it will have a positive end and it would have all been worth while.

My career previously to being diagnosed with lymphoedema was as a Chef, I really enjoyed my work and though I say it myself I was good at it. I trained under my father in the days when hotels had large brigades of chefs, and I worked my way up through the ranks to the position of head chef, and eventually chef proprietor of my own establishment. This all came to an end after a fall in the kitchen, and later getting diagnosed with lymphoedema.

I have hobbies that I enjoy too, like playing guitar, photography, and when I’m feeling well enough holidaying in our lovely Eriba caravan. Other things I enjoy obviously cooking given my career background, Reiki I trained to master level, I also love crystals, and going to see stone circles and standing stones. I want to share all this with anyone who wants to read it, so thanks for coming to read my blog! Now let’s start the journey………..


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